creative director

Kumaraswamy B
Telemed app - an app for doctors and their patients

Numerous healthcare apps are changing the way patients access medical care. We're one of the companies that honestly strive to improve healthcare quality.

Vital Signs are a crucial component of patient care, and its continuous monitoring is needed for better insights of patient's health condition and to lower health care expenses.

Skip the doctor’s waiting room, we set to transform in-hospital vital sign monitoring at the comfort of your home. Our tools and transparency will help you make better healthcare decisions.

Get updated on vital signs and reach out a doctor anytime for medical advice.
Keep your loved ones healthy. Improve and manage their well-being with Telemed app

  • A completely automated remote health monitoring system
  • Work under less optimal network conditions and support for low bandwidth
  • More convenient and better results at lower costs
  • HIPAA-compliant platform for medical diagnoses and treatment
  • Meet federal guidelines set for safety and privacy.
  • Real-time video collaboration
  • 24/7 access to your own medical records and share securely with health care professionals
  • Track daily health metrics at home
  • Clinical accuracy and confident diagnosis
  • Supports video and audio calls with recording & playback facility
  • Instant notifications on critical vital signs to caregivers for immediate medical care
  • Reliable, consumer-friendly and mostly insurance approved vital sign monitoring devices